You already have. You’ve stated plainly enough to us, so I’m assuming you’ve stated it even more plainly, and often, to him.

You haven’t mentioned that he’s irritated, or annoyed. You haven’t mentioned that you’ve raised your voice, or done it in a complaining manner.

If this is all true, then you’ve done all you can, and unfortunately it’s time to move on. Contrary to what we see in fiction and in dramas sometimes, and to the perpetual myth – communication is NOT an option. It’s not a bonus, it’s not a special thing that only some people are able to do. A solid foundation of communication is for everyone, and a must in a relationship. Every person who wants to be in a relationship and enjoy the benefits of a partner must communicate with said partner.

There are no excuses. There’s no “I wasn’t brought up that way” or “I’m a guy, what do you expect” or “Well his heart is in the right place.”

People are intelligent, sentient, expressive feeling beings. All of them, regardless of gender.

If someone has an issue, emotionally, then it is up to them to explore and address that independently, privately so that they can be whole for their partner.

I’m not talking about an issue that develops in the middle of a marriage and both partners seek counseling to address it. I’m talking about someone who comes to the the table, to the relationship, and brings with them this limitation.

The boyfriend/girlfriend stage is not the fixing stage. The engagement stage is not the fixing stage either. Adjusting? Perhaps. But not fixing. Count yourself lucky that you have become aware of this at the boyfriend stage and can (relatively) easily move on.

Good luck.

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