One of the great things about is that your profile is minimal; no summary, no favorites, no six things you couldn’t do without.  The onlyaglance profile page has just a few items, and the rest of it is up to you.

If you are going to make a profile on other dating sites, here are a few tips.


Be Positive

Make sure you present a positive personality and outlook for dating.  People are looking to improve their lives by being with you.  they are not looking to fix something someone else has broken.  Do not tell people how hurt you are, how you cannot trust again, etc. etc.  Instead, tell people how you’ve learned from your experiences, are wiser and are looking forward to the future.


Present good profile photos

You may think that the picture of the serene lake helps your potential match understand how deep you are, it doesn’t.  he or she already knows what a lake looks like.   The same applies to pets; cats, dogs, birds, etc.

Show them pictures of you, especially your face.  Full body is eventually going to be requested in some way or another.  There may be some too shy to ask so they may just skip your profile and move on to another potential match’s profile because they will assume you are hiding something.  Don’t.


Don’t waste time stating the obvious

Everyone loves their kids.  Everyone puts them first.  Everyone says their children, their son, their daughter, is the center of their world. We know that, you know that.  When you are not making your children the center of your world, and instead are with the potential mate, what then?  What then will you do, are you interested in doing?  What activities turn you on?  Information on your profile like that is very helpful for your soon to be date.

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