Hi.  You’re here to find someone.  So am I.  No, really.

I built this partially out of frustration in using the existing sites out there, and partially as a proof of concept to show that we need a tool and not a new way of finding people.  I paid for two of the well known sites out there and had the same results as I have using the free ones.  Perhaps the only difference was a slight increase in quality of people in exchange for a decrease in selection.  Either way, it was frustrating.    I was spending too much time sorting and sifting and filling out things.  I knew that in real life we just didn’t do that.  In real life we spend seconds deciding if we like someone, using parts of our brain that have been designed to do this and honed for thousands of years.  And a dating site is going to “match” me to someone else because of their hair color?


So, instead, Only A glance allows you to decide, quickly, efficiently and permanently.

www.onlyaglance.com is free.  There are no upgrades or premium memberships.  Everything only a glance can do to help with your dating it does for everyone.

Frustrated? Yeah, me too. Check out The Status Game - the sequel to the book that explains how we connect and that all relationships are based on one thing.

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